Asscher Loose Diamonds

Loose DiamondsAsscher loose diamonds are particularly striking as solitaire engagement ring with settings kept subtle to allow the shape to stand out. Sometimes, the Asscher loose diamond is combined with baguette-shaped side stones to further emphasize the stones beauty. The geometric lines of the Asscher shape make it very appropriate for rings with Art Deco themes.

Famous Asscher Diamonds

Kate Hudson's 5 carat ring, given by rock star Chris Robinson, was designed by the famous jeweler, Neil Lane. Reese Witherspoon also wore a 4.5 carat Asscher cut loose diamond ring.

Asscher Diamond History

Created by the Asscher brothers, the Asscher loose diamond cut is a modification of the famous emerald cut. It incorporates a "scissor cut" such that the facets point on the bottom to make the loose diamond appear seemingly octagonal.
paired up to create stunning diamond earrings or side stones to complement an existing loose diamond.

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