Emerald Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds
The rectangular cut with truncated corners is called "emerald cut" loose diamond because it is frequently used on that gem. The emerald cut diamond shape highlights a high-quality diamond's clarity, luster and whiteness, since it will quickly reveal any flaws. However, an emerald cut loose diamond may not deliver as much brightness as a round loose diamond.

Famous Emerald Cut Diamonds

For this reason, many celebrities and royalty have sported emerald cut loose diamond engagement rings: Jennifer Lopez (a 4-carat gift from Chris Judd), Grace Kelly (12 carats), and Sharon Stone (3.5 carat). Sharon also received another diamond ring, set with 3 emerald-cut loose diamonds, to commemorate the adoption of son, Rhone, by Phil Bronstien. Paris Hilton's 24-carat emerald engagement ring also made headlines not to mention Elizabeth Taylor's emerald cut loose diamond weighing almost 30 carats given to her by Michael Todd, her third husband, as an engagement ring.

Emerald Cut Diamond History

The emerald loose diamond was very popular in the Art Deco period, and is thus characteristic of antique or heirloom jewelry, such as the one given by Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles.

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