Marquise Loose Diamonds

Loose DiamondsThe Marquise loose diamond is classified as a "fancy cut" designed to catch the eye. It is recommended for loose diamonds of rare or unusual color, and can be a good way of preserving the weight of irregularly-shaped rough diamonds. Others use it as shoulder stones to flank larger loose diamonds or to create stunning diamond earrings. To protect the pointed edges of marquise loose diamonds, ask the setter to put decorative prongs.

Marquise Loose Diamond – The Celebrity Choice

Michael Douglas gave Catherine Zeta Jones a stunning 10 carat marquise loose diamond, worth over 2 million dollars for their engagement. 

Marquise Loose Diamond History

The marquise diamond is boat-shaped, with pointed ends, and was said to have been commissioned by Louis the 14th to commemorate his beloved's queen, the Marquis of Pompadour, beautiful smile.

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