Mining of Diamond

Mining companies not only have to dig mines and build large processing plant in remote locations.
They have to build the small cities of house, feed, and entertain hundreds of workers.

Argyle Diamond Mine - Australia

The Argyle Diamond Mine is a diamond mine located in the East Kimberley region in the remote north of Western Australia. The Argyle mine is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume, supply large number of inexpensive diamonds and made it available to a wider consumer base.

 The Argyle Diamond Mine is also the only known significant source of pink diamonds, producing 90 to 95% of the world's supply.
Mirny Diamond Mine - Siberia

The 2nd largest man-made hole in the world (surpassed only by the Bingham Copper Mine, UT, USA) is a diamond mine located on the outskirts of Mirny, a small town in eastern Siberia. Begun in 1955, the pit is now 525 meters deep and 1.25 kilometres across.


Diavik Diamond Mine – Canada

The Diavik diamond mine is a diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Diamond production started approximately in January 2003 and total employment was around 725 workers. The mine’s life is estimated to be 16 to 22 years.


Ekati Diamond Mine - Canada

The Ekati diamond mine is the first Canadian diamond-bearing kimberlite of any significance which was discovered in 1991 and went into production in 1998. The quality of its diamonds compared favourably with the best output from South Africa, Botswana, and Russia.


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