Oval Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds 
The oval loose diamond is the most flattering shape for short fingers or hands, and is particularly fetching as a centerpiece for other stones. It has 56 facets, and can be just as brilliant as a round loose diamond if you use a high-quality, colorless stone. Loose ovals tend to show Impurities and inclusions. Also look for a length-width ratio of 1.5 to 1, to avoid the bow-tie effect, a dark area caused by poorly cut angles.

Famous Oval Diamonds

Bobby Brown gave Whitney Houston a 4 carat oval loose diamond ring that had trillions on both sides; While Toni Braxton's oval loose diamond was nestled between 2 heart shaped stones. More recently, Katie Holmes wore a 5 carat oval engagement ring with a pave setting.

Oval Diamond History

The oval loose diamond shape was introduced by Lazare Kaplan during the sixties, and touted as the "more modern 'round'".
up to create stunning diamond earrings or side stones to complement an existing loose diamond.

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