Pear Loose Diamonds

Loose DiamondsThe pear loose diamond shape is a combination of the oval cut loose diamond and marquise cut loose diamond and often resembles a glittering teardrop. It is usually used for pendants or earrings, though pear shaped loose diamond engagement rings are also recommended for those with small fingers.

Pear Diamond

The pear design has become more popular, particularly in modern art deco pieces. It is sometimes used as a solitaire, set perpendicularly to show off the striking shape, others cluster several pear diamonds for a floral or crown-like design. Quality pear shaped loose diamonds have a length to width proportion of 1.45 to 1.75. It’s advisable to protect the edges with prongs (6 is ideal to hold it securely). 

Famous Pear Diamonds

Jessica Simpson sported a 4 carat pear-cut loose diamond, flanked by a pair of triangle diamond side stones. Elizabeth Taylor also owned a stunning 69.42 carat pear loose diamond, given by Richard Burton.

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