Princess Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds
In 1980, two gentlemen from the LA based Ambar Company, Bezalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz, unveiled the Princess Cut Loose Diamond. At the time, this cut was considered too ‘avant garde' but it gradually won the hearts of consumers. Today, the patented Princess loose diamond cut is one of the most popular shapes used for loose diamonds.

Famous Princess Cut Loose Diamonds

Rings with certified loose princess cut diamonds are best for women with long fingers. Star Jones, who spared no cost in her million-dollar wedding, wore a princess cut diamond ring.

Princess Cut Diamond History

Some say the princess cut loose diamond goes way back to 1961 when Aprad Nagy developed the "Profile Cut". In 1971 the Barion cut diamond was developed by Basil Watermeyer, a loose diamond cutter from Johannesburg. Since the Profile Cut was much flatter today's modern princess diamond shape has been credited to Basil Watermeyer.

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