Round Loose Diamonds

Loose DiamondsThe Round Loose Diamond is the most popular loose diamonds shape, responsible for 75% of all diamond sales. Round loose diamonds are optimized to reflect the most light and get that eye-catching sparkle. The round diamond was designed with one thing in mind, to maximize the stone's brilliance and fire. In order to transform a piece of rough diamond into a beautiful round loose diamond the cutter must surrender more rough than any other diamond shape.

Famous Round Loose Diamonds

R& B singer Mary J. Blige's engagement ring had a 5-carat certified round loose diamond encircled by baguette diamonds, while both Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani chose to highlight the round diamonds' brilliance with elegant platinum bands. 

Loose Diamonds - Diamond Shapes

Round Loose diamonds are available in many shapes. Known for its incredible brilliance and fire the Round loose diamond is by far the most popular. While somewhat less traditional fancy shaped loose diamonds are both unique and beautiful. Some of the more popular loose diamond shapes include the Princess (square) cut, Emerald cut, Triangle (trillian), Heart, Oval, Marquise, Asscher, Pear, Radiant and Cushion cut.
A Round loose diamond can be set alone in a diamond ring/pendant or it can be

Round Loose Diamond History

The round loose diamond cut is actually conical, with a curved top (called a crown) that sits on a pointed base. Ambassador Julian Cardinal Mazarin introduced the round diamond in the 17th century with only 17 facets. Then in the 18th century a Venetian cutter named Vincent Peruzzi introduced a round diamond with 33 facets. The round loose diamond you see today is credited to a Russian mathematician, Marcel Tolkowsky. Using very precise geometric calculations he created the "modern round brilliant diamond cut" and its 58-facet design. Today, computer applications can help identify the best cut for a particular diamond shape (some have as many as 96 facets).

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