Triangle Loose Diamonds

Loose Diamonds
Triangle cut loose diamonds are rarely used on large stones and is often used for side stones. However, the cut does make a loose diamond look larger than it really is, and could be a way of getting a lot of "oomph" on a small budget. It is also good for "everyday" jewelry that you'd rather keep simple, and subtle. Triangle cut loose diamonds or trillion loose diamonds need a special setting, with prongs molded into a V to hold the gem in place and protect the fragile corners.

Famous Loose Triangle Cut Diamonds

Whitney Houston's engagement ring had two trillions clustered on both sides of her center loose diamond. Jessica Simpson sported a 4 carat pear diamond, flanked by a pair of triangle cut side stone loose diamonds.

Triangle Cut Diamond History

Triangle cut diamonds, also called trillions, were invented in the 1970's in Amsterdam. It modified the radiant cut loose diamond, using similar step cutting techniques. 

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