Bangalore designer shares her thoughts on jewellery

From being eco-friendly to fun-loving, designer Suman Mishra shares her thoughts on jewellerythat’s unique and appealing.
With Barnacled Bijoux, you’re experimenting with a new technique; could you tell us a bit about it.
The Barnacled Bijoux has stones directly stitched to the jewellery using metal thread. This is similar to embroidering the jewellery that gives it an embossed look. The silver that forms the base for the beading acts as a reflective palette, bringing out the colours of the stones. In some of the styles the silver has a hammered surface in order to increase reflectivity, so as to make the colours of the gemstones truly pop against it. Technically speaking, the beading is quite like beaded embroidery work that is done on cloth. The beading evokes the look of natural organic growths, making the jewellery resemble barnacle-encrusted jewellery from an underwater treasure trove. Hence the name..

What kind of stones have you worked with, in this collection?
The gemstones used are amethyst, aquamarine, apatite, lemon quartz, iolite, pearl, coral, labradorite, lapis lazuli, rock crystal and faux turquoise. The colour palette is therefore very natural and summery several hues of blue, green, purple, in varying combinations of transparency and translucence.

Your collections target a specific kind of woman do you actually have a certain profile in mind when you design, or is there a natural fitment that occurs each time you create something?

My jewellery is not traditional, but it is not too flashy either. It has an earthy and contemporary look that can be worn by women of any age, as long as they have a sense of fun and don’t think twice about experimenting with their look.
How is Bangalore reacting to your jewellery line and its prices? 
So far, I’ve been doing quite well in Bangalore. The city has a youthful and individualistic clientele who are ready to experiment. As far as price goes, I believe my jewellery is reasonably priced and is fairly accessible to most people.

The highlight of your jewellery is that it is completely made of recycled silver. While it may be environment friendly, how does the pricing differ from jewellery made of virgin silver?
There is no change in price just because the silver is recycled. I start with 100% pure silver after recycling. Therefore, neither the quality nor the price differs from traditional silver jewellery.

Where do you source your silver from?
My raw material comes from my vendor who deals with silver that is recycled from the zari of old saris and old silverware that people give away.

On a more general note, do you think designers across the country are doing enough to be environmentally aware?
Being‘environmental friendly’ is the latest buzz word in the industry. I’m quite sure that at least a few people are genuinely concerned. It is a concept that is gaining momentum and is a growing consciousness.

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