Gem Oro Diascope Pro Limited Edition Led

Gem- Oro one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Gem Microscopes, has really hit a home run with this Limited edition LED Gemological Microscope. Traditional Gem scopes GIA, Gem Pro Meiji etc have incandescent light (halogen) in the base, this new -microscope has perfect LED natural Day Light, the same light that is used for diamond color grading! I must say it seemed strange at first, I remember- thinking wow everything looks blue?? No just not YELLOW as I was soon to discover. I took a GIA certified diamond of G color and compared The Gem Oro side by side with the GIA scopes, I have to say that the diamond indeed -was a G in the Gem Oro and -maybe at best a L - M in the GIA scopes, which means the same result would be with ALL of the other- scopes that use tungsten Halogen bulbs in their base.. WOW was I shocked!!! Here are some of the additional features.

Super bright LED- natural Day light
Superior Japanese 10x - 67x zoom optics
Tilts and Swivels
Reostat controled intensity, super bright darkfield/brightfield, adjustable iris diaphragm
LED goose neck interchangeable UV/LED intense beam light,
International self adjusting voltage system
All wraped up in a nice shinny silver travel case

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