GIA DL Gemological Micrscope

Fabulous! Grading professionals, laboratories, researchers, and educators worldwide use this GIA- microscope. Empower your -gemologists to produce their highest quality work with this indispensable tool. * Digital 12V system eliminates spike and flicker irregularities which reduces eye fatigue * StereoZoom magnification from 10X to 64X * 47,000+ lux exceeds the needs for diamond -examination while satisfying the requirements for colored gems * GIA-patented darkfield and brightfield illumination using LCD- intensity read-out for recall- of the previous intensity setting * Wider stage- promotes optimum wrist positioning and hand comfort and includes custom wire stoneholder * Three ports for mounting illumination accessories * Exclusive stationary -power cord for 345° base rotation; 100V - 240V global electrical -compatibility

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