GIA Symposium 2011 lines up unique art and jewellery showcase

A Showcasing of 1000- gems, jewellery and sculptures, each unique and rare, is being organised by the GIA for its forthcoming GIA Symposium 2011: Advancing the Science and- Business of Gems. This will include the showcase of the Steinmetz “Sunrise,” diamond - a cushion cut 100.67-carat fancy intense yellow diamond, which ‘gives Symposium attendees a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of an extraordinarily large, high-quality gemstone,” said Kathryn Kimmel, GIA vice president and chief- marketing officer, also the co-chair of Symposium. “It will only be on display for three days at the GIA Museum, but all of the other pieces, including the unique, whimsical creations of internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Wallace Chan, will remain on exhibit through the fall.”
The GIA showcase will include:

Chan’s work featuring over 30 pieces, of intricate sculpting, carving and stone setting depicting titanium and vibrant colors that- represent living creatures. His inimitable creations are considered not only jewelry, but avant-garde art.
A 111-carat Burmese star sapphire courtesy of Symposium poster presenter Benjamin Zucker
Dramatic sculptures of master carver Perry Brent. Inspired by nature, Davis’ work consists of large agates with intricate patterns, appealing color and rich textures, that combine the- influences of art deco, abstract and surrealism, will be on display.
Award-winning Vega jewelry set by Robert Wan  a Tahitian cultured pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings. The set is made up of 111 Tahitian cultured pearls and six carats of diamonds mounted in 18K white gold. The center of the necklace features five diamonds that fluoresce under ultraviolet light to mimic the Lyra constellation, whose principal star is Vega.
“It is sure to be- a memorable event, recognized for the beautiful gemstones on display and the valuable knowledge -shared by our speakers and attendees,” added Kimmel. The Conference is slated between May 29-30 at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) world headquarters in Carlsbad and also commemorates the 80th anniversary of GIA.

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