Specific Gravity Kit with Carat Scale

A Great Kit! A most have for Gem Identification, as well as metal identification, gold, silver platinum! it can even determine the purity.
There are no TOXIC- chemicals to deal with! only clean pure water. Our KIT comes with:
1. Tim Flanagan's Universal -Specific Gravity Kit (we think it is the BEST)
A specially selected Carat Scale that is accurate to the .005 carat. The accuracy is extremely important to your results! we recommended using no less than .005 carat -accuracy
Simple straight Forward instructions
A calabration tester
A complete chart of over 300 gems and minerals, sorted by their unique Specific gravity.
And our Promise that if you are not -thrilled we will return 100% of your investment.


  1. There are no prices displayed or purchase links for the above items. Are you just providing information or trying to sell things as well???

  2. My dear reader i am providing just information regarding gemology, gemstones and jewelry on my blog...


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