A Brief Guidance on Fine Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds are probably the most-expensive stones we have on the market today, often even more prized than diamonds. They are believed to contain the powers to bring-health benefits and fortune when owned. These gemstones also are a symbol of virility, fidelity, and restoration. It is because of their allure and beauty and their connection with magical properties and healing qualities that fine emerald jewelry are probably the most desired pieces within the jewelry market today.

Fine emerald jewelry is that sort of gift that clearly communicates a message of ‘I value you’ should you decide to buy and gift a dear one. As is therefore expected, as they are the most expensive stones, their jewelry products i.e. bracelets-and earrings can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some types and designs can also be so expensive compared to those made of diamonds. On a lighter note though, because the emerald is associated with powers of attracting wealth, it could just be a great return on investment so to speak.

Finding a perfect-fine emerald jewelry can be extremely daunting and difficult in the sense that such superior quality stones have become rare, not forgetting the fact that most pieces on the market today possess some blemishes and flaws. Thus, it is very difficult to find exquisite pieces on the market and should you be lucky-enough to find them, as they are very costly. The valuation of a piece of this precious gemstone can also be depended on the colour clarity. The defining trait of this stone, one that makes it so appealing-and attractive is its color - the inspiring and irresistible green.

As is therefore expected, if the piece you are eying has this lively and attractive green color with some flaws here and there, you could expect it to be worth greater than a piece that's a little yellower and paler but with no flaws. It's also wise to know that there's something about emerald that conveys wisdom and demands respect; Can it be because the gemstones-are ancient? The first emerald gemstones date back to over 2600 million years ago.

With that said, when purchasing fine emerald jewelry, you might want to be very cautious because as expected, with such a superior quality highly valuable gem, there are very many copies available in the market. Not to say that fakes are bad however you should ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Stones that are heat-treated dyed, or made in the lab aren't genuine pieces. To be sure you're buying fine emerald jewelry; you might like to ensure you are dealing with a fine jeweler who will back up the purchase-through an authenticity certificate.

Even if you're making your-purchases online, make sure you deal with only reputable and better established online stores to help you be assured you are buying precisely what you want. The most valuable and authentic fine emerald will last a lifetime as an heirloom.
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