Gemstones lure city fashionist

Your social-calendar lines up numerous events such as weddings and countless functions. And with them comes an inevitable question what should I wear? Being eclectic is certainly in vogue now as it is a passé to be dazzling in diamonds and way too traditional to indulge in overpriced-gold jewellery.

Semi precious-stones, which are a show stealer at the red carpet have caught the fancy of women in Kerala. Bold chunky neck pieces are the flavour of the season and celebrities are all over the trend. Katy Perry flaunted her amethyst choker in the premier of a movie while Eva Mendez and Cameron Diaz tempted us with their tantalising turquoise chokers.
“These stones are versatile as they can be paired up with-numerous outfits,” says Radhika A., a working professional. Once cannot resist the eye-catching colours of stones like tourmaline, moonstone, onyx, coral, blue topaz and yellow sapphire. These luscious stones give one the liberty to mix and match and definitely-complement one’s attire.

“Diamonds-cost Rs 50,000 per carat while semi precious stones cost around Rs 300 to Rs 400 per carat,” says Vishvanath, the owner of Kirthi Diamond Jewellery Store. He adds, “Tourmaline and topaz stones are in vogue now. These stones not only look great but are easy on one’s pocket-too.”

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