Mens White Gold Wedding Bands

White-gold is similar in look to the more expensive and luxurious metals like platinum and titanium without costing as much.
The neutral white colour of white gold matches and goes with all attires.
White gold wedding bands are more durable-and scratch resistant than their yellow counterparts because of the stronger metals that are used to make them.
Mens white gold wedding bands can be adorned with all types of gemstones including diamonds. The neutral white colour of white gold accentuates the beauty of the gemstones making them appear more lustrous and stunning.
Usually, White gold is rhodium polished and if this plating-wears out, it can be re-polished with rhodium to get the shiny new look once again.

White gold wedding bands will need special care and maintenance. They should not be dipped or cleaned in any kind of cleaning solutions as they might get corroded and blackened. They should be regularly-cleaned with silver polish cloth to keep them gleaming. Also, they should be taken off while doing-cleaning work or any type of work which might damage the band.
Initially White gold started gaining popularity for making jewelry as a substitute to the more expensive and scarce platinum which was-out of reach of many-people. Nowadays, white gold has come on its own and is vastly fashionable. It has become a preferred a medium for crafting all types of jewelry items-including mens white gold wedding bands.
White gold is produced by mixing yellow gold with metals like silver, palladium or platinum to give it a white hue. Such a mixture of metals is termed as alloy.
Pure yellow gold by itself is a very soft metal and jewelry crafted out of white gold would be very-delicate. Hence yellow gold jewelry is crafted out of gold reinforced with Copper or Zinc while white gold is reinforced and--bleached with silver, palladium or platinum as stated-above.
The degree of content of gold in a piece of jewelry (be it yellow or white gold) is measured in karats. The term karat which is used to denote-purity of gold should not be confused-with the term carat which is the measure of weight of a gemstone.
Yellow gold wedding bands also remain a popular choice for their traditional look and feel. Also, yellow and white gold wedding bands of equal karat weights have approximately the same-dollar value. The difference lies in individual tastes, preferences and a choice between the classical and the-modern.

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