Paraiba's Colored Gems and Jewels are a Huge Hit Online in Spring with Spotlight on Tanzanite

According to Paraiba International, colored gemstone's strong sales-online during the spring can be attributed toward consumers' attraction to Tanzanite, a gorgeous blue violet gem-originating in Tanzania. Top quality Tanzanite retails for $500 to $800 per-carat, an attractive price compared to the exorbitant figures of diamonds, and is a smart investment.

Despite being lesser known, Tanzanite is widely responsible for-Paraiba International's success online. Tanzanite's vibrant strong blue purplish hue is a show stopper which consumers find too good to pass up. Tanzanite is mined in Arusha, Tanzania, the only location where Tanzanite can be found. Tanzanite was-discovered in the late '80's and subsequently-marketed heavily by Tiffany & Co.

Paraiba International, the internet's first and only e-tailor of exclusively exquisite gems and jewels, carries over 30 different varieties of top-notch gemstones including Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the more-common household names, yet Tanzanite is clearly the most-sought after by it's customers. Dating back to 2000, and perhaps even before, It was widely believed that Tanzanite's supply would deplete within 5-10 years because it appeared that the miners were digging near the bottom of the mines. Tanzanite's supply is indeed-dwindling, but not quite as rapidly as originally believed. The great demand and diminishing supply are a recipe for a solid investment, which consumers-are well aware of. The-price of the top 1% averages $500 per carat, an affordable-price, and it's forecasted to go as high as $1,000 per carat.. a 100% return on investment. There's no question that Tanzanite's beauty is incomparable to any-other gemstone, but the fear of a missed opportunity also played a huge factor in Tanzanite's steady online sales-during the spring.
Tanzanite accounts-for more than half of Paraiba International's online sales despite carrying over 30 different options of gemstones. Paraiba International expects continued success with Tanzanite going forward into the summer.
Paraiba International is e-tailor of exquite gems and jewels which began in 2004 as an extension of a 40 year family business. Our most popular products are loose Tanzanite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Mexican Fire Opal, Mandarin-Garnet, Tsavorite and many other variety of gemstones. We also carry fine colored-gemstone jewelry which draws oohs and wherever you go. We've sold to all 50 US-States and over 40-countries.

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