Some Most Expensive Jewelry of The World

$14 million
This 40.63-carat, heart-shaped Burma ruby, mounted on a 155-carat diamond necklace, claims top spot in the British jeweler’s collection. Got a debutante-in your family? The diamond necklace can be transformed-into a tiara. The stone is accompanied by two independent Swiss laboratory reports that-verify its rarity.

 $7.98 million
It is the-ultimate diamond in the rough. And if you have to ask-how much it costs, you can’t afford it. A rare and flawless blue diamond has set a record-as the most expensive precious jewel of its kind ever-sold. The gem, which is 6.04 carats and sparkles with an unusual blue hue, is almost as breathtaking as the
price it-fetched at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong.
 $16.26 million
Blue diamonds are-among the rarest of naturally colored gems. That’s why this oval-shaped diamond ring, with triangular-shaped diamond-shoulders and a pave-set diamond band in 18-carat white gold, will set you-back about $1.7 million per carat. A pricey and unique alternative to the typical-engagement
 $3 million plus
A virtual-cascade of white and green, this Magnificent Diamond and Emerald Necklace from Chopard’s “Haute Joaillerie” collection will keep all eyes on your sweetheart, whatever the-occasion. There are 191-carats worth of Columbia’s most beautiful-emeralds on there, completely set by 16 carats of rose-cut and drop-shaped diamonds. Though officially “price upon request,” you should-figure on spending $3 million plus.
 $8.5 Million Earrings
Harry Winston is the ‘jeweler to the stars’ and you can-find him, where else, at the House of Winston at 371 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California. Every year Harry Winston lends-out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jewelry to the stars so they can-look good at the Oscars. For 2006 the House of Winston created a pair of ‘Extraordinary Diamond-Drop-Earrings’ consisting of two-pear shaped diamonds in a platinum setting totaling 60.1 carats of wallet emptying glitter. If you’re interested in buying the world’s most expensive earrings be prepared to shell-out a cool $8.5 million USD
Cartier wanted a lot of money,” says Washington Post-Columnist Sarah Booth Conroy, “and Evalyn was hesitant. So Cartier added, ‘Well, we’ve fixed it up now with a wonderful setting and you’ll like it.

Why don’t you keep it for a few days?’ And so she put it on her dresser and she looked at it and she looked at it..” “For hours that jewel-stared at me,” remembers Evalyn in her autobiography, “and at some time during the night I began to really-want the thing. Then I put the chain around my neck and hooked my life to its destiny for good or evil.”
The deal closes at $180,000; Cartier’s elaborate sales pitch has worked. The Hope diamond is the largest and most perfect blue diamond in existence, but for the young and impetuous heiress, its fascinating past is the hot selling point. “Besides that,” says Conroy, “she thought things that were-unlucky for everybody else would be lucky for her, because she was an exception
 $ 3.6 Million
A record-selling price for ruby was set at Christie's in St. Moritz on February 15 when an 8.62 carat cushion-cut ruby realized a price of $425,000 per carat. This record-breaking gemstone was termed the-desired "pigeon's blood" red used for highly sought rubies-from Burma. It was also noted that the ruby was certified by the SSEF lab in Switzerland confirming the authenticity of the ruby with "No indications of heating".
The winning bid, totaling $3.6 million dollars, was placed by Laurence Graff, a London jeweler whose flagship store is located on Bond St. "The price per carat was high", he indicated, "but the cut and spread of color are the finest I've seen". Graff intends to call the ruby the "Graff Ruby".
According to index-maker-Art Market Research, auction prices for jewels have carried high prices since 1990. Francois Curiel, chairman of Christie's Europe and worldwide jewelry chief, remarked, "As you can see from yesterday's sale, the trend is still up".
The previous record for a ruby was sold by Christie's last year in New York-where and 8.01 carat stone sold for $275,000 per carat.
This was the most important sale ever-organized by Christie’s in St Moritz and, as with fine and decorative arts, the jewelry market continues to show tremendous strength, especially for diamonds and rare colored-gemstones.
$2.14 million
Luxury-watch and jewelry manufacturer-Chopard’s collection includes many high-priced pieces. But this bold cocktail ring with half-moon diamond shoulders holding up a 33.02-carat solitaire-emerald on a pave-set diamond and platinum band outshines its-rivals.
 $1.35 million
Of all the pieces-one might find-inside that famous blue box, this 25.27-carat novo yellow diamond ring set in platinum and yellow gold is priciest. Its beauty and its cost make soon to be engaged girls swoon, and their beaus shudder. Can’t make-it to the New York City location? Tiffany’s efficient online catalog makes-ordering from home easy.
 $5 million
Diamonds are-not only the girl’s best friend. They are also an-economical man’s worst enemy! It is no secret that diamonds and diamond-necklaces as well as diamond jewelry are costly. The ordinary you and I might wish to have a necklace with small, cheap diamonds just to tell others we have diamond-necklaces as well, but well, otherwise, the more exotic diamond necklaces with large stones or many stones are simply not for average folks.
How about a diamond necklace that has a pear shaped diamond, about 75 carats? The necklace looks simply stunning with the-diamond in it, and it costs only about US $5 million. There is also a diamond ring that is quite cheap about $1 million. A beautiful diamond-necklace, by Stefano Canturi, costs only about &750,000  $1 million.
$2.5 million
Showstopper-or-credit limit topper? Either way, Tiffany’s Majestic Diamond-Necklace will be center stag Showstopper or credit limit topper? Either way, Tiffany’s Majestic Diamond-Necklace will be center stage wherever it’s displayed. With a fluid design-that lies softly on the neck–and really, what other way is there?–this glittering choker evokes breathtaking glamour, with a 41.4-carat, pear-shaped diamond-accompanied by a multitude of round and pear shaped-diamonds. Each stone is top-of-the-crust in color and clarity, of course, as is the pretty blue box it-comes in


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