Who Should Decide Engagement Ring?

Many-ladies will tell you that there is none more exciting than being proposed to, especially when the-engagement ring is revealed. But for many-ladies decide to getting the right ring is not always easy, especially when they leave the decision up to their boyfriends. Choosing the right cut, style and carat is something ladies tend to be very-particular about, which is why more and more brides-to-be are choosing their own rings. I  honestly never thought that I would be involved in choosing my own wedding ring," says Emily McIvor, a recent Vancouver based newlywed and interior decorator.
"I knew that my husband was going to propose me and we had been discussing engagment rings for quite some time. He told me that he was not sure what to choose, so I felt it was important to put my two cents in. After all, this is a ring that I plan on wearing for the rest of my life, so I should like it.

Whether you are a traditionalist or you have more modern thinking, choosing the right engagement ring can be very intimidating for a man, especially when you are not sure whats your future wife wants. Surprising to her does not necessarily mean that she should not have-any input in the decision. If you would like to surprise your fiancee with a engagment ring, but also want to take her wishes into account, there are several things a groom can do for his future wife.

Go jewelry shop and have your fiancee point to various ring styles, diamond cuts, metals and carat sizes that she likes. Allow her to also show you rings that she does not like, so that there is no chance of  making a mistake when-choosing the final ring.

Make sure-your jeweller will allow you to return the ring and exchange it for another one if your fiancee is not happy with the one you have chosen for her. It is also important to ensure that you will receive the full value of the ring in exchange for a different one.

Make sure that you reassure your fiancee that it is okay if she does not like the engagment ring you have selected. Jewelry is a very personal thing and what you might think looks lovely may not be the style of ring your bride likes.

Get an inexpensive ring for the proposal, and then explain that it is a place holder for a ring you'll select together before the wedding.

Some brides prefer rings that are made with various gemstones. Make sure that you know what kind of gemstones your wife wants in her ring before going out and buying one.

Have your bride show you designs and styles of rings that she likes and-then take them to a jeweller and have them design a unique ring for you. Make sure the designer takes all your bride-to-be's preferences into consideration and add a special inscription that shall-personalize it even more.

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