Chain Stitch Defines Fashion Forward Jewelry

Formally-trained as a graphic designer, Susan Collick gave up a 10-year career working as an art director to pursue her passion as a full-time jewelry designer for Daisy Chains Jewelry, a home-based business she started in 2002 while still working.
"I never thought I'd be doing this," says the White Lake Township resident. "Now I can't imagine myself not doing it."
Pieces of her colorful "mixed media" jewelry are designed-with a crochet-covered chain link.
The self-taught jewelry maker admits she's not a "master crocheter" but knows "just enough to be dangerous."
She says, "It's mostly for texture and color. Sometimes I can't get the stone I want, so I use Nymo thread." She uses the thread to crochet over a link with a simple-chain-stitch, adding an unexpected design element that defines her fashion forward jewelry made with semi-precious stones.
Collick, who shops for beads and silver every year at gem shows in Tuscon, Ariz., sells her work at the Dancing Eye Gallery in Northville, Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley, Hoot Gift Gallery in Milford and through her website, While prices range from $22 to $275, she says "the medium-range is around $70."

Crocheted Gemstone Bracelet
Level: intermediate
Estimated time: 90 minutes
Tools: flat-nose pliers, round pliers, 1.9mm metal crochet hook, Super Glue
Supplies: 1 silver figure 8 lobster clasp (7x10mm) with openjump ring, 5mm closed silver jump ring, 2 silver crimp beads, 2silver crimp covers, a 7-inch pieceof beading wire, a 3-inch piece of large link silver chain, 16 - 7mm gemstones of choice, a 48-inch piece of NymoThread (color A), 2 20-inch piecesof Nymo Thread (color B)

1. Use flat-nose pliers to openjump ring on clasp. Insert-jumpring into a closed jump ring. Close ring. Set aside.

2. Thread a crimp onto end of your beading wire. Thread the same wire through closed jump ring atend of clasp and thread backthrough crimp, leaving 1/8-inchtail. Tighten crimp against jumpring. Flatten with pliers.

3. Thread crimp cover onwire, pushing it over crimp.String gemstones to length of3.75-inches. Set aside.

4. Determine which links ofchain to crochet over (suggestion: largest link in center andsmall links to either side). Foldthe 48-inch piece of Nymo thread in half.Feed loop end through center ofchain link. Then feed loose endsof thread through loop. Pull tight.

5. Crochet a chain aroundlink. When completely covered, knot off and secure with tiny dropof glue. Trim ends.

6. Continue technique withlinks to either side, this time using color B thread for each. Crochet 15-20chains. When complete, threadwill-cover about half the link. Secure with glue. Trim ends.

7. Pick up wire with gemstones and clasp. Thread end ofwire-through last crimp. Continue threading through last chainlink and back through crimp. Tighten until space betweenchain and last bead is equal tosize of crimp cover.

8. Flatten crimp with flat-nosepliers. Use both pliers to opencrimp-cover. Cover crimp andclose with pliers.


Daisy Chains Jewelry at (248) 885-2395
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