'Gemcal.com' Launches Fresh Website Presenting Line of Exotic Asian Gemstones

By Flek Davez 
Bangkok: Gemcal.com, Thai based producer of high end Asian gemstones has served the online-community more than a decade. Recognizing the growing-importance of online market, with the use of fast gem search, high resolution gemstone images and direct customer care, Gemcal.com has created an improved-shopping experience for its customers.
“We have been around for a while. We started out as a high-volume and precision cutting facility and through the years specialized in a single-stones. What kept us going in good times as well as in low tides was the principal of quality maintenance” says Hemi Englisher, CEO Gemcal “it is a tradition we brought from the-Israeli lapidaries where we grew up as cutters.
Gemcal started out as custom cutting facility at the suburbs of Bangkok. Today the company employs over 50 skilled cutters in Bangkok, Thailand, and in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Gemcal was one of the first companies one to recognize the Red Spinel Power and started-cutting calibrated Red Spinel as early as 1996. “Our rough buyer was one of few who could visit Mogok and we were lucky to able to establish a direct contact with-the miners” Says T.P Englisher purchasing officer at Gemcal. “These contacts never failed to bring us the best first” she added.

Gemcal went online as early as 1998, when the potential of online trade was growing steadily. “It was mad at the beginning. We were-uploading and selling gems at the same hour” says Tony O’Connell, Chief Marketing Officer at Gemcal ”There were not many websites around. People would send us faxes with their orders”. But the picture has changed tremendously since then.” It is a different world now. Buyers are much more-knowledgeable and we need to work on totally different-standards in term of stone imaging, descriptions, and of course direct personal service, now people want to hear your voice on Skype” he remarks” I am sure this new-edition of our site is a great leap forward for us as well-for our loyal clients” Tony added.

“I am curious to see how people will receive the Loupe-View feature. I think that we are the only gem website with the “what you see is what you get” feature. Most sites are displaying fuzzy images so buying gem-online can be a bit frustrating. We try to eliminate the guessing game” stated Kurt C. Becker, the chief photographer at Gemcal.com.

“It is an ongoing-process of improvement. We learn new things every day and apply them immediately. This very dynamic synergy, I think, is making the difference for us” says Hemi Englisher Boilerplate Statement.

About Gemcal.com
Gemcal.com is the website of Gemcal Co.,Ltd. Established in 1987 in Ramkamheng, Bangkok, Thailand. From a small cutting facility catering the needs of local as well as foreign-clientele Gemcal grew to be an independent manufacturer and dealer who specialized in High End gemstones from all over Asia. Gemcal’s clients are independent-jewelry companies, artist and designers from the USA and Europe.

Media Contact:
Tony O’Connell
Skype: anthonyoc
Phone: + 66 870701270
Website URL: http://gemcal.com
P.O.Box 2032, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.

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