Jewelers will not cancel Jaipur show

Though the recent Mumbai-blast has disturbed the gem and jewellery industry of Jaipur, it has not stopped its members from planning the upcoming fifth Gem-and-Jewellery show, JAS 11, from July 22.

The traders of this industry are well connected with each other. It is obvious to mourn the death of the blast victims, says a trader in Jaipur. Over two lac people are associated with the industry as traders, exporters and workers in Jaipur and the annual export from the pink city is around 300 crores, says a trader.

JAS 11 will be a big show. it will provide a platform to the exhibitors to showcase-loose gemstones, studded gemstone jewellery, kundan, meena-and-thewa jewellery and silver pieces,” says a leading trader.

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