India's first branded gemstone Ecommerce Company enters into partnership with

There is no better boat-than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life . OnlyGems E-Commerce LLP are in continous effort to help you sail across the hardest time of your life with the closest and-accredited partnership with

Onlygems E-Commerce LLP is a fast growing-organization and we have an ambitious growth plan to make it big in the next couple of years. OnlyGems announced the expansion of their business, through-partnership with the which is world's only ISO 9001-2000 astrology-products and services company.

For centuries, gemstones have--played a significant role in the everyday lives of people. Today, birthstones are used to represent the birth month of individuals. Some believe that birthstones hold special powers for the wearer. The alliance will help Onlygems in positioning its branded products to the Cyberastro community. The cyberastro customers will get an opportunity to buy sealed, packaged and branded gemstones available for the first time in India through Cyberastro's website.OnlyGems provides branded and sealed gemstones which are certified by the Government Laboratory.

The OnlyGems solution for mass-market Astrology customers in India -

· Credibility with IDT certification
· Standard MRP pricing
· 30 days money back guarantee on online purchase
· Cash on delivery available across 1400 cities
· Toll free expert-guidance and support
· Buy at your convenience

Partnership of OnlyGems with proves very beneficial as it tells about the ups & downs prevailing in your life path, so that you can avoid the slumps & take advantage of the-favourable times. It will further help cyberastro customers to buy Onlygems Branded gemstones directly from

"Astrology is finding the hidden order behind confusing and apparent structure of this world".

Notes to Editor

OnlyGems is a company incubated in India by the industry leaders of Internet, Gemstone and Jewellery Industry. It is one of the fisrt initiatives selling precious, semi-precious gemstones and designer-jewellery in a professional manner through the medium of internet. For generations, the founders of OnlyGems have been a crucial part of the jewellery industry, with deep-roots in fine gemstone cutting, polishing and design. In fact, many of the most incredible Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Tanzanites and Aquamarines through history have come from the founders of OnlyGems. Take a walk through any of our offices around the world and you'll see photos of royalty and celebrities from the last century who traveled far and wide to get their beautiful pieces of fine gemstone-jewelry from these founders!
The company brings India's first packaged gemstone brand and sells it though Ecommerce, teleshopping, phone commerce and mass media- advertising. Onlygems also works on Astrology VAS domain with major telecom operators in India. The company plans to make it big by aggressively- capturing the mass market Astrology business in India

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