Son Ye Jin Top Korean model for Piaget

 Top-notch Swiss jewelry brand ‘Piaget’ met with top Korean actress, Son Ye Jin.
Son Ye Jin turned into a modern, uptown woman in the recent Piaget photoshoot for “W Magazine“. From the modern office look to the charismatic white suit along with the-white dress look, Son Ye Jin beamed her seemingly endless beauty wearing numerous styles with ‘Piaget’ jewelry.
For the photo-shoot, ‘Piaget’ brought in a cuff-watch that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, for it was the only one manufactured.
The Limelight Paradise cuff watch laced with 1,676 diamond pieces (which amount to 23.3 carats) and 80 white akoya pearls, caught the attention of every single staff member--working at the set with its extravagant shine. The unique piece’s value is estimated to be around $1,000,000 USD.

What caught even more attention than the spectacular watch was that guards from a professional security guard company were hired to protect the jewelry. The entire jewelry collection that Piaget brought-this day for the photoshoot amounted to a total of approximately $3,000,000 USD.
Son Ye Jin made the staff cheer on every cut, addressing perfectly matching poses and facial expressions to each and every style of clothing and jewelry. The staff praised-Son Ye Jin for her passionate and focused manner towards the photoshoot, despite its arduous 8-hour-plus run.


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