Twinkle Twinkle Little Stones

Annual Poompuhar show displays wide range of gems, precious and semi precious stone jewelry

When you enter the Poompuhar showroom at West Veli Street, precious-and-semi precious stones glitteringly welcome the visitors. Be it an American diamond, ruby or emerald studded jewelry, there is creative imagination in every-piece.

The second edition of ‘Jewelry and gem stone exhibition cum sales' displays One-crore worth-collection of gems and stones from various parts of the world.
For the religious-minded, Shivalinga made of ruby stone with Nandi is attractive costing around Rs.30,000. It is designed in a way that-you can worship the linga viewing it through the horns of Nandhi. For an ardent devotee of Goddess Meenakshi, Rs.3.30 lakh emerald stone statue is sure to entice.

Of all gods-and goddesses, perhaps Lord Ganesha is all pervasive and easy to handle. The fair has a good collection of Ganeshas crafted in different sizes, postures and substances. The miniature-sized Ganeshas-made of golden topaz, tourmaline, blue sapphire, emerald and ruby are sure to lure visitors.

Precious stones-have the power to change your fortune. Each stone has its unique feature and derives energy from the respective planets,” says V. Somasundaram, artisan from Mahabalipuram.

The rice-sized valam-puri conch is another attraction from African countries. This conch has to be kept under the lamp-in the puja room. The combination of light and reverberation of conch creates positive vibrations,” asserts V.Ganesan, manager.

For women, the expo has good collection of precious and semi precious stones. For that elegant-look, women should opt for three-row emerald malas and five row ruby malas costing Rs.37,000 and Rs.96,000 respectively. There are also stone studded jewelry like emerald malas from Columbia, Zambia and ruby studded malas from Burma, Taiwan-and-Sri Lanka. Yellow Toapz stones from Sri Lanka and Bangkok, Komedhaga jewellery from Orissa and Karnataka, spadiga malas with diamond cutting from Brazil, Tamil Nadu and Mexico are other-attractions.

For shopaholics, there is a good collection of accessories made of pearls, corals, sand stone, birth stones, jade, moon stone, sand stone, amethyst, smoky topaz, freshwater pearls, yellow topaz, tiger eye stone and blue sapphire. Besides, they also have panchaloga jewellery, kundan sets, meenakari jewels, Hyderabad pearls, one gram gold plated bangles, anklets, ear studs, necklaces, crystal malas, cornet stones, onyx, opal, aquamarine, quartz, jasper, turquoise, tourmaline, red sandal wood malas, tulsi malas and the list goes on. A collection of rudrakshas-also finds a place in the fair.

Sri Sanichakra Mantralaya Sri Guru Srila Sri Mayana Yogiyar Swamigal inaugurated- the exhibition, which is on till July 20. The showroom is open from 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. except Sundays.

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