Vietnamese Gemstones Showcased in Exhibition

These two types of gemstones-are-explored in Luc Yen in the 
northern province of Yen Bai and Chau Quy in the central province of Nghe An.
 Products made from casidon, which is distributed in Dak Nong-province in the Central Highlands.

 From rude stones, luxurious-jewelry is made.

 This sapphire attracted many visitors. Sapphire is rare-because its formation 

requires special geological-conditions. Sapphire was used as jewelry 2,000 years ago.

 Nearly 100 types of gemstones were-displayed at the exhibition. Exhibits 

were jewelry, gemstones and geomancy stones. In the photo are agate
and quartz-stones, which are mainly explored in the central and central
highlands of Vietnam. Quartz was discovered nearly 300,000 years-ago.

Artworks introduced at the exhibition are made by natural-gemstones in 
Vietnam like ruby, sapphire, spine, peridot, tourmaline, quartz, opal, etc.
Foreign-visitors often buy raw stones like this, which are explored from 
the northern, central and central-highlands of Vietnam.


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