Black Diamond Jewelry Bold and Enigmatic

Generally-diamonds are colorless sometimes slightly tinged with shades of pink to chocolate browns to blue, purple etc. Black diamonds are one of the most preferred gemstones after the natural whites and also have earned the fame of being the most-enigmatic. The fact that they are the most difficult ones to produce amongst its kind as they have an uneven surface which make their cutting and designing all the more challenging. In geological terminology, they are called ‘carbonado’ and are found in opaque forms because of the scratch marks on it’s surface which-comprise of sulfide deposits.Black Diamonds Jewelry

Black diamond jewelry can be probably considered one of the most dramatic ways to wear color diamonds other than the natural whites be they in the form of black diamond rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets or watches-studded with black diamonds. Until relatively recently, people had not even heard of black diamonds being used in items of jewelry though they have been around for millions of years now just like their white-counterparts. The fact that they are found only in a few locations world wide can be understood as a valid reason behind this genre of black diamonds not being as famous and popular like the natural ones. They are very rare and considered to be premium.

Black Diamond-Jewelry items ranging from watches covered with black diamonds, to unconventional black diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants, are rapidly becoming a raging vogue as unique and classy accessories for both men and women. They are extremely stylish and a perfect enhancement to one’s personality-and-taste in fashion.

In a jewelry-market flooded by the colorless ‘white’ diamond, jewelry consumers seeking fresh options need look no further than its bold black counterpart. For wedding and fashion jewelry alike, Black Diamond Rings stand out for their-elegant, eye-catching quality. Brides and grooms are taking notice. And so is Apples of Gold, the premier online jeweler.
Desiring to meet the demands of customers, Apples of Gold has expanded its collection to accommodate a spectrum of black diamond jewelry. From rings, to solitaire earrings, to black diamond-accented cross pendants, the company is delighted with this unique gemstone and the healthy customer-response it generates.
In addition to adding pieces that are completely new to the Apples of Gold line, the company has also made some of their classic engagement ring styles available with black diamonds as an alternative to the traditional colorless-diamond. The vintage styles, classic looks, and affordable options that have made the company’s wedding jewelry so popular now incorporate this relative newcomer gemstone.
But as excited as jewelry consumers may be about the attractiveness and affordability of these black-diamonds, what people want to know is, are black diamonds real diamonds? The answer is, of course, yes. While black-diamonds, known as carbonados, have been discovered in nature, they are highly rare, small, uneven, and their structure is less stable than a colorless diamond. The black diamonds offered by Apples of Gold, however, are actually genuine colorless-diamonds. The process of treating them with very high heat (irradiation) produces their deep dark color. They maintain their typical diamond properties of hardness and durability, but now, instead of refracting light, they absorb it to produce their deep, rich hue.
Apples of Gold’s line of fine black-diamonds reflects the company’s commitment to offering stunning jewelry at affordable prices. Founded in 1999, the company set out to develop a jewelry company that would not only do well, but would do good. Ethical, value-based pricing practices were the foundation. The Apples of Gold commitment to quality in their products and the highest standards for customer service and consumer-satisfaction come naturally. In the fine jewelry industry, Apples of Gold and the reputation they uphold, never tarnishes.

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