How To Select Gemstone Beads

"There are many beads available in various materials. But, gemstone beads have a beauty and charm, which is all their own. Therefore, when you decide to make or design your own jewelry, which are the things one must keep in mind while purchasing raw materials? Gemstone beads can be obtained in various shapes, sizes, colors, and price". 
"Genuine gemstone beads adds an authenticity and grace to your jewelry that depends on the stone for a touch of class or tradition. While choosing the right beads for your project, keep in mind what
you think to use them for and also your budget".
"Every imaginable color and shade occurs plentifully in gem world. Different gems are available in different price ranges. But it is essential to note their gemological properties before utilizing them in jewelry. For example, chalcedony is relatively softer stone as compare to sapphire, and though not suitable for jingling bracelets where beads might chip simply by being in continues contact with objects. Blue topazes and sapphire on the other hand are highly durable and though, right for the similar piece. Few stones break much easily than other, and few need special care. Soft stones might not be available in specific cuts.

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