A Sweet Mother's Day Gift Idea from Ladurée and Mikimoto

Mother’s Day has its detractors—those who say it’s a commercial holiday, that every day should be Mother’s Day, and so on. But the truth is, it’s a day devoted to celebrating our moms and thanking them for everything they’ve done for us. Who can find fault with that?

A day focused on someone so special necessitates a very special gift, and you may be tempted to go all out on a pair of diamond earrings, or something equally extravagant. But take to heart that sometimes the sweetest gifts don’t have to cost a pretty penny. A new collaboration between Ladurée, the revered French pâtisserie, and Mikimoto, the Japanese jewelry company known for offering dazzling pearls, exemplifies this mindset wholeheartedly.
Both have joined forces to create a limited-edition set of macarons, encased in a box that features an illustration of a pearl necklace. The confectionery treats are made with rose and lychee cream, and are meant to evoke delicacy and elegance. Also, the shells are crafted with a pearly finish, keeping to the sheen of Mikimoto’s baubles. And at twenty-eight dollars, this truly decadent gift won’t break the bank.
Nothing really beats the time-tested allure of jewelry and sweats, which is why this offering from Ladurée and Mikimoto is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. As they say, the sweetest things in life often come in tiny packages.

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