LooseDiamondExchange.com Launches the New Generation of Buying Certified Loose Diamonds Direct

Diamond-manufacturer wholesaler retailer launches LooseDiamondExchange.com the ultimate diamond marketplace. LooseDiamondExchange.com provides you direct access to manufactures and wholesalers diamond database; it’s the #1 way to save-money on high quality-certified loose diamonds as well as fine-jewelry and luxury watches to registered members. Buy direct and skip retailers and other websites.
LooseDiamondExchange.com is one of the largest online dealers concentrating on selling certified loose diamonds directly to the public over the world wide web; “The new era of buying diamonds direct” quote from the president of LooseDiamondExchange.com. LooseDiamondExchange.com only
recommends diamonds that are certified from GIA, EGL USA & AGS laboratories. They believe that these three independent gemological laboratories are the top respected and reputable labs in the US. They guarantee-their diamonds are of high quality and all transactions can be made directly on their website, LooseDiamondExchange.com.

LooseDiamondExchange.com president stated "Buying a diamond on LooseDiamondExchange.com is the #1 way to save money on a diamond purchase." In addition to offering savings on high quality certified loose diamonds, LooseDiamondExchange.com provides customers extraordinary values on service with knowledgeable diamond-specialists at their finger tips; all with the privacy, security and convenience of shopping online.
LooseDiamondExchange.com offers thousands of diamonds that range from .40cts to 6cts in all shapes: round, princess, heart, pear, emerald, asscher, oval, radiant, cushion and marquise. LooseDiamondexchange.com president also states that “Round brilliant cut diamonds are our top diamond sells” and each certified loose diamond comes with an appraisal.
LooseDiamondExchange.com guarantees that you would enjoy your diamond purchase experience with them. Checkout what customers are saying about LooseDiamondExchange.com on their customer testimonials page located on their website. With all the diamond-education that you need, a diamond consultant for assistance, a secure and safe shopping atmosphere, a toll - free number, free shipping, 30 day money back guarantee, a future publicly traded company, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assure that shopping with LooseDiamondExchange.com is the right-choice.


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