Garbo Collections modernizes grandma's old jewellery

Various necklaces made by Jayne Moore of JSM Designs. NATE BILLINGS
The pair-met at a Miss Oklahoma pageant several years back; Chowning was doing the hair and makeup and Thompson was doing the photography. They had-both been interested in jewelry-making for some time, but neither had brought their ideas into reality.

I had some of my-grandmother's and my mother's old jewelry I'd been collecting,” Chowning said. “I saw these cuff bracelets that are similar to what we do now, and I decided to-try it.

As Thompson--described it, the first couple of pieces were not totally successful. But with each subsequent bracelet made, the design and quality got better and better.

They decided to name their line Garbo Collections after-something Chowning's grandmother used to say.

Growing up, my grandmother-would see someone with clothes that didn't match or something and she would say, ‘Would you just look at that garb',” he said. “So since our bracelets are-kind of hodgepodge, we decided to call it Garbo Collections.

A few-years ago, the duo brought some of their bracelets to the Miss Oklahoma pageant. Jennifer Barry, Miss America 2006, and Lauren Nelson, Miss America 2007, wore them-onstage on prelim night. The reaction to their designs, they described, was much greater than anticipated.

Everyone just went-wild over them,” Thompson said. “I think we sold everything we had that night. That's when we started doing custom orders too because people started bringing in their old-jewelry.

Since then, the design-pair has made several bracelets for Miss Oklahoma 2009 Taylor Treat and her mother and aunt. They even came up with a special creation for Treat's wedding this past March: a “bridal cuff,” or a decorative piece to put around the bouquet.

When the wedding's over, you can take it off and wear it as a bracelet,Thompson said. “It's a neat idea because it's something from your-wedding you can actually keep and reuse, rather than just drying the bouquet.

Bracelets by Garbo Collections are available at BodyTrends North Spa, Salon & Studio, 9327 N Penn in Casady Square. Custom orders can be placed by contacting Chowning or Thompson directly at the spa.

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